Our Premium BELA Sardines

Ever tried a sardine? We find that people love ‘em or hate ‘em. Those that hate ‘em have never tried a BELA sardine. BELA’s the best.

    • BELA sardines are sustainably wild caught off the non-industrial European & British coastlines.  Originally from Portuguese waters, and later from the Bay of Biscay, BELA sardines are now exclusively sourced from the Cornish Sardine Fishery. 
    • BELA Sardines are hand packed in several varieties including organic extra virgin olive oil and natural flavors.
    • We offer one of the only TRUE sardines on the market.  The FAO and WHO refer to "Sardines" as exclusively Sardina Pilcharus from European waters while allowing another 20+ varieties to be called sardine with further identification necessary.
    • We serve up only FULL fillets, no heads, no tails, no chopped up little pieces here!
    • Our sardines are MSC certified, Kosher and DELICIOUS

And if the bright, shiny, amazing savory taste isn’t enough for you, our sardines are good for your health too. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. Recent studies show that omega-3s can also reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease and may help lower blood sugar levels. Our sardines are extremely low in contaminants such as mercury and are a good source of vitamin D and calcium. BELA is protein packed, low calorie and no carbs! Go buy a BELA sardine today. You won't be sorry!

Available nationwide at your local natural and gourmet foods store.  

Available on-line at your favorite e-commerce site.