100% family owned business who have been sourcing tinned fish from Portugal for generations, forever forging local relationships that lead to the best catches and production of the day.

Portugal is a country about the size of California. The Algarve region is in the southern coast and stretches about 100 miles up to the Spanish border. The name comes from the Moorish word for region- Al-Gharb. Our coast is one of the most special places on earth. Visitors come to play on some of Europe’s finest golf courses… others come for our spectacular beaches. And then, there’s the fish.


Seafood ABOUNDS in Portugal. Grilled sardines, flavorful chowders, mackerel, tuna. If you visit, you have to try the Cataplana- a wild combination of sausage, clams and ham stirred together with paprika, onions and coriander- delish! We have plenty of local wines, delicious fruits and amazing, fresh breads. Of course, sardines grelhada are the staple of summertime feasts.


The large, juicy, delicious European Sardine, Sardina Pilchardus, has been the main crop for generations. At one time Portugal had more than 460  tinned fish factories and a small town like Portimao was home to more than 50 sardine canning factories. You’ll find that every Portuguese restaurant has them on offer because Portugal is one of the best places to enjoy this tasty little fish…. And BELA's the best sardine there is. Learn more about BELA's journey to America here.


We source the best quality seafood from the ocean, working with local communities that fish using traditional and sustainable methods.

Our goal is to provide US-based customers top-quality, amazing seafood from small villages around the non-industrial European coastline. All of our fish is packed by hand using traditional production methods so that you can experience the best tasting canned fish on offer.


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Jan 2017


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