BELA's Sustainably Wild Caught Mackerel

We couldn’t be any more excited about our BELA Mackerel. BELA Mackerel is mild, fresh and light. Great for an afternoon snack, a pre-workout boost or as part of a healthy meal! Our Mackerel is:

  • Portuguese mackerel varieties Colias & Japonicus are locally caught by fisherman up & down the Portuguese Coastline
  • Sustainable wild catch methigs off the non-industrial European coastline
  • Packed in organic extra virgin olive oil and organic Piri-Piri
  • Served up in full fillets. We don’t like chopped up pieces!

We’ve come across dozens of people who have never tried canned mackerel and we don’t know why! This fish is protein packed with 28g of protein per serving! Our bodies don’t naturally store a lot of protein making it even more important to find healthy protein sources. Protein helps our bodies build cells, build brainpower, break food down into energy and keeps us feeling fuller, longer. Our mackerel tastes great right out of the can, as part of a sandwich or salad and with cheese and crackers.

Like our sardines, BELA Mackerel is also rich in Omega-3s, Kosher, low calorie and no carbs. Plus it is a great source of calcium, vitamin D and B12. Oh, and our mackerel is Paleo too! Don’t stuff yourself with processed foods that offer up lots of health claims, go fresh with us.

Available online and regionally at exclusive stores.