Bela Sardines



Bela Brand Seafood is proudly sourced from traditional local fisheries which have existed for centuries.   Bela and the local family businesses have forged strong relationships and life-time friendships. Our partnership and pride in the local resources and the riches they offer leads to the highest quality, most delicious catches and production of the day.

We proudly offer:

- MSC certified true sardines - the one and only European sardine = Sardina Pilchardus

- Portuguese Mackerel caught locally in Portuguese waters - Scomber Colias / Japonicus

- Sustainably fished Skipjack Tuna

- Seafood packed in organic extra virgin olive oil with natural flavors

- Full, premium fillets. No chopped up pieces.

- Gourmet European quality that leads to undeniably delicious fish.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself!      


Our Products


One of the only true sardines on the market. 

Fresh, light, satiating.


Sustainably wild caught Skipjack Tuna. 

Meaty, fresh and rich.


NEW! The ONLY Portuguese mackerel packed within 8 hours of catch. 

Mild, fresh and light.