BELA's Pole & Line Caught Skipjack Tuna


Our meaty, fresh, tuna fillets are a newer addition to our BELA family. Our Skipjack Tuna Fillets are:

  • Sustainably pole and line caught off the non-industrial European coastline
  • Packed fresh within 8 hours of catch for ultimate taste and quality
  • Packed in organic extra virgin olive oil and organic Piri-Piri
  • Wild caught, dolphin safe

Every BPA-NIA jar is packed with 5-7 hand cut, meaty fillets to deliver gourmet, European quality and taste.

And the taste isn’t all our Skipjack Tuna has to offer. Like our sardines, BELA Skipjack Tuna is protein-packed, rich in Omega-3s, low calorie and zero carbs. Plus, our tuna is great for Paleo diets. Win, win, win!

Available at Food52 and natural grocery stores nationwide.